Joys of winter


P.Miglinīka iela 27a, Ludza


Skating Rink

A popular resting place for children and youth in the city during the winter. The skating rink is located behind the Ludza Sports School building, P.Miglinīka Street 27a. Works only in suitable weather conditions.


Ice fishing

There are 5 lakes in the Ludza area that are rich in fish. In the right weather, climb to the ice and fishing on all 5 lakes. According to the observations, the greatest density of ice fishermen is on the Great Ludza Lake. It is also possible to fish in many lakes of Ludza district.


Accommodation is offered during the winter by the lakes:

Week-end house “Ezerzemes” (Nirza Lake), t.+371 29488376

Recreation complex „Zirga smaids” (Nirza Lake), t. +371 29492552

Holiday house “Zilgme” (Cirma Lake), 7. +371 29146175