Where to eat?

Restaurant in the Hotel “Lucia”

The restaurant is in the Hotel “Lucia”. Here you can always taste special offers of the restaurants, the menu represents a wide choice of tasty dishes. And of course you …

Pizzeria “Astotais rajons”

Modern décor, friendly atmosphere. Good place for family with children. It is possible to order a pizza with delivery at home.

Café “Kristīne”

70 places, 2 halls. The café is located in the very old centre of Ludza. It is a member of the Culinary Heritage Network of Latgale. The café offers delicious …

Café “Eglīte”

The café-restaurant offers meals for tourists, serves banquets, serves at events outside the café.  

Café in the Hotel “Ludza”

The café is on the ground floor of the Hotel “Ludza”. It is possible to have parties organised. Different events are organised in Friday and Saturday evenings. Opening hours: 10.00 …

Café “Mājas virtuve”

50 places, 2 halls. The café offers delicious Latgalian dishes. Group catering. A very convenient place for transit travellers, because the café is located by the bypass road. Takeaway is …

Café in the supermarket “Mego”

60 places. New light hall. The meal is cooked in the supermarket. Business lunch and takeaway service available. Opening hours: 9.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.

Kebab House Ludza

Different types of kebabs and snacks. Coffee, tea.

Café “Ludzas maiznīca”

Fast, cheap, tasty. Serving parties and other events.    

Member of the Culinary Heritage Network of Latgale “Latgaļu kukņa”

In Ludza Craftsmen Centre. Skill school in cooking ancient Latgalian dishes, learning Latgalian traditions. Prior reservation needed.