Ludza Craftsmen Centre

The Craftsmen Centre, which is located at the foot of Ludza Castle Hill, invites you to learn ancient crafts, to take part in pottery, weaving and sewing workshops. In the …

Weaver Anita Lukača

Weaver workshop is located in countryside house “Rudzupuķe”. She is making bad covers, table- cloths, carpets, and rugs from cotton fabric. She offers demonstrations of the weaving process. The weaver …

Workshop of birch-bark master Jurijs Ivanovs

The master and his workshop have a cultural sign of Latvian heritage. According to the authentic samples the master restores the traditions of processing the birch-bark in Zilupe area. He …

Workshop of potter Jānis Ivanovs

The young potter Jānis Ivanovs is restoring more than 100-year-old pottery traditions in Zilupe area. He offers demonstrations of the pottery-making process, stories of the traditions, and masterclasses. Must announce …

Flora designer Ilga Ivanova

The flora designer offer floristic masterclasses, demonstrations of knitting on hay forks (Latgalian household instrument) and guide service in Zilupe and local area. Must announce oneself before the visit.

Felt masters Jeļena Bikova and Ludmila Kozlova

Both masters are making felt goods, like slippers, toys, and various different orders. Offer masterclasses in felting. Must announce oneself before the visit.

Wicker work master Antonina Novozihareva

The master of wicker works is making baskets and different other household pieces. She is making them from paper but they are as tough as the peace from wicker. Offer …

Workshop of pinched lace master Tatjana Sinicina

With simple wooden tools, the master Tatjana Sinicina is making beautiful lace fabrics. She offers masterclasses and accepts orders. Must announce oneself before the visit.

Creative recreation center “Līdumnieki”

The association provides various cultural, sports, and family-friendly events. Weaving and blacksmith workshops have been set up, thematic workshops and training are being organized, involving local craftsmen. Concerts, theater performances, …

Handicraft shop “Mārīte”

The handicraft shop is located on the second floor of ” Centrs ” department store. The shop owner of the shop Mārīte offers both raw materials for handicrafts (buttons, needles, …

Workshop of metal products “K-Art”

Unusual, tasteful, and very beautiful metal interior items. Will complement your interior during the holidays and every day. Accept orders and are ready to realize any idea.

Local cosmetic producer “Latcosmetics”

Local enterprise manufacturers unique eco-cosmetics. Natural mud (peloids) and blue clay are used in the process of making the products.