Malnava and its surroundings

If your journey leads in the direction of North Latgale, you need to visit good old Malnava village. Malnava manor has a lot of stories to tell, a 100 years in the manor house is settled an agricultural school and has its own museum. The manor house is surrounded by a beautiful old park an old building of that time. One of the most delicious places you can eat in Latgale is the home restaurant “Dzīles” where owner Aina Barsukova will take you in to taste the journey of Latgale cousin. The traditions of the moonshine drink of the Latgale region you can get to know with the help of Jānis Krivtežs. His own distillery is located next to Malnava manor house. The most resent touristic site of Malnava village is the active leisure park “Zīdūņs” where you can spend quality time with your family.