Distillery “Latgolys šmakovka”

“Latgolys šmakovka” is a distillery of local Latgalian strong drink located in a historically significant Malnava manor.

The owner of the distillery offers:

  • together with guide find out how traditional drink shmakovka (moonshine) was made in Malnava in course of time from beginnings up to present days (1-hour excursion – 7 Eur/pers., excursion plus 3 various types of shmakovka degustation – 9 Eur/pers.);
  • view historically significant Malnava manor, which during World was II was visited by Hitler himself. Find out more interesting facts about šmakovka, and a process of distillation (1 Eur/pers., min. 20 Eur, excursion around 1 hour);
  • for weddings – while a new couple captures one of the most beautiful events in their life, guests can join excursions and other exciting activities, create a present for the new couple and take a “shot” of šmakovka for their health. Possibility to invite musicians (starting from 2 EUR/pers.). Rent of the premises and wedding inventory.