The Latvian hostess Aina Barsukova

Home restaurant “Dzīles” is the bearer of the culture sign “Latvian heritage” in Latgale and a member of the network of Latgale culinary heritage.

Home restaurant “Dzīles” is a place where family traditions are kept and bread has been baked for several generations. Here you can feel the rural charm and energy flow, learn the power of rye bread, the consistency of sweet and sour bread, and the airiness of white bread, as well as try out various other dishes as a pleasant surprise.

When preparing dishes according to traditional recipes, the hostess Aina complements them with new, modern taste nuances, which allows you to rediscover Latgale. Like the grain that starts its journey anew every year, the traditions of Latgale culinary heritage have been passed down from generation to generation.

The food you can enjoy at “Dzīles” will not only give you a taste of Latgale, but also a story about Latgale, its people, and values. Visiting the hostess Aina, you won’t be left without stories and a dessert in the beautiful garden.