The trail along the Zilupe river

The trail leads along the Zilupe river and you can get to know the everyday life in the border city of Zilupe. You can visit the historical sites of the city like Savelinki Chapel with its outstanding interior. Further, you can see a rural area of Zilupe surrounding and the last part of the trail- Zilupe Valley. It is a beautiful site with Latgale region terrain and the majestic catholic church belfries.

Starting point  (GPS) – 56.387181, 28.123948
Length – 14 km
Marking – No
Type – Circular
Degree of difficulty (trail surface, obstacles) – asphalt roads and gravel roads


Information stand
Resting place
Environmental object
Waste bins
Children’s activity area
Park area
Swimming place


Zilupe city park (GPS: 56.386499, 28.124686),
Resting place near the fountain (GPS: 56.388331, 28.123667),
Cafe “Latgale” (GPS: 56.389822, 28.118065),
Zilupe orthodox church (GPS: 56.390548, 28.111221),
Zilupe catholic church (GPS: 56.383403, 28.125140),
Opuļu cult spring (GPS: 56.425059, 28.159666),
Local biological farm “Bites” (GPS: 56.397532, 28.132006),
Holiday house “Melturi” (GPS: 56.332441, 28.057808)