Nature reserve “Grebļukalns”

It is a nature reserve “Grebļukalns” with a special microclimate and fauna. Here are a few species of plants and butterflies included in the Red Data Book of Latvia. This is the only object of such kind in Latvia. In the southern part of the mountain from the Eastside is the lake Šešku, and from the West – the lake Pintu. There is a nature trail along the Grebļa mountain spike, it is approximately 2 km in one direction. The difficulty of the trail is easy, but itl is not suitable for persons with disabilities. 

The nature reserve “Grebļukalns” is in the borderland area and persons from the age of 15 years, when staying in the borderland, needs a special permit issued by the State Border Guard. Also, the person needs to have a passport or ID card with you on the site.