The route “Pearls of Ludza city and surroundings”

Ludza city is not only the oldest one in Latvia but also has its own Latgalian lifestyle and vibe. It is a city surrounded by lakes and sunrises un sunsets which you can wats from cities highest point- Ludza fortress hill. Along the route, you will get to know the parts of the city which are not on the tourist maps but has a lot of potential to be there. It is worth going on this adventure and exploring Ludza city and its surroundings!

Starting point  (GPS) – 56.547956, 27.727990
Length – 23 km
Marking – No
Type – Circular
Degree of difficulty (trail surface, obstacles) – forest roads and gravel roads, and asphalt roads.


Information stands
Resting place
Environmental object
Waste bins
Swimming place
Children playground


Ludza old town square (GPS: 56,547327, 27.725430),
Ruins of Ludza medieval castle ruins (GPS: 56.547956, 27.727990),
Ludza craftsmen center (GPS: 56.548370, 27.726879),
Ludza catholic church (GPS: 56.547942, 27.729506),
Ludza orthodox church (GPS: 56.547142, 27.72605),
Ludza history museum (GPS: 56.550813, 27.727132),
Cafe “Kristīne” (GPS: 56.547479, 27725987),
City park (GPS: 56.543300, 27.723434)