Small Lake of Ludza

By Small Lake of Ludza there are several places for rest and a comfortable beach.

– beach “Radziņš” (Peldu Str 21).
The favourite beach in the town. There is a small children playground, benches, a pool for children, beach volleyball and football grounds, places for making fire, inventory rent.

The place for organisation of beach volleyball, football and handball tournaments.

– rest place by Ludza Museum (Kuļņeva Str 2).

Benches, a raft wharf. Rafting (up to 20 people).

– rest place on the opposite shore from the beach “Radziņš” (Soikāna Str 22).

Place for fishing, boat wharf, benches.

– rest place by the promenade along the shore (M. Ezerkrasta Str)  

Swing, boat wharfs, benches, pontoons

– rest place by “Latgaļu kukņa” (Tālavijas Str 28)

Fishing place, raft wharf, swimming place