Museum’s pedagogical programs

Forest birds

During the program pupils are introduced to Latvian forest birds and their behaviour.


„In Animal Kingdom”

Goals of the program:

  • Academic: to give an idea of Latvian wild animals and their behaviour;
  • Social: to develop chukdren’s communicative abilities (to work in groups, to express their opinions, to listen to others).


Traditional holiday programs

The Ludza Museum of Regional Studies offers primary school students programs about Latvian traditions and festivities: “Meteņi in Latgale farmstead”, “Easter in Latgale farmstead”, “Miķeļdiena in Ludza museum” and “Mārtiņdiena in Latgale farmstead”. Applications can be submitted a week before a celebration.


Latvian birds species’ diversity 

The program offers information about Latvian birds, their behaviour and feeding. Pupils work in groups and participate in various activities. The goal is to help pupils develop different skills (reading skill), as well as logical thinking and readiness to work in a team. Audio recordings help to understand the tasks and new information.



“Middle Ages in Ludza District”

Duration of the program – 40 min.

The program is designed for elementary and high school students. The venue of the program – Museum’s Medieval exhibition space, where the collection items are presented as a good introduction to the topic. Aim of the program – to give an idea of people’s lifestyles and occupations in the Middle Ages, and to educate students about the medieval events in Ludza during the 13th – 16th centuries.