International cycle route “EuroVelo11”

The section of the “EuroVelo 11” cycle route takes cyclists into the territory of Latvia through Zarasai, further along the “Medumu ezeraine” nature park and along the shore of Lake Svente to Daugavpils. From Daugavpils along the territory of the “Daugavas loki” nature park to Krāslava, than to Aglona and Dagda. Further, the road leads through Rāzna National Park to Ludza and further to Rēzekne city, where EV11 connects to the Vidzeme section of EV11 beyond the territory of Rēzekne county.

We invite you to continue your trip along the Latgale section of the EuroVelo No. 11 route along the “Greenway” green road or other regional cycle routes, arriving in Estonia.
EuroVelo 11 route in Europe runs from Athens in the South to the Northernmost point of Nordkapp in Norway. Following the markings, EuroVelo 11 cyclists can ride from Medumi in the south to Rēzekne and along and regional route no. 11 from Rēzekne to Gulbene in the north, from where you can continue to Estonia and Nordkapp.

Route length: ~ 370 km
Logistics: The route is a continuous line, can be completed by dividing the stages, depending on the physical preparation and interests of the participants.
Road surface: Most of the route has asphalted roads, except for some sections.

Please apply for visits to certain attractions in time!


Download.gpx  Nr.11 Gulbene-Kaunata

Download.gpx  EV11 Rēzekne-Daugavpils