Nūmierņa and its surroundings

The highest point from which you can see an amazing view of Ludza county is a view tower in the nature park “Numernes valnis”. “Numernes valnis” is a NATURA 2000 territory and it is one of the few places in Latvia where a dry pine forest has formed on ash or ash-like ramparts. Rare and protected species such as Ruiša’s dragon’s head, sand asparagus, and herbaceous sand are found in the nature park “Numernes valnis”. Art Installation FIRE is located near the walking trail and is designed as a pavilion, a place for meditation and conversation. The character of the architecture refers to dynamics, fluidity, and shading of fire. The wooden beam stacking is built by rotating each of the following elements at an angle of 2.5 degrees to the previous one, shaping 9 symbolic flames. The arrangement of the seats inside the pavilion is taken from the principle of the campfire, where sitting in a circle unifies people. Close by the nature park are Salnava and Ruskulova manor. In Ruskulova you can find and old ruins of Ruskulova manor windmill but in Salnava there is a beautiful manor park with ponds and bridges.