Nature park “Numernes valnis”

The nature park is a NATURA 2000 territory, established in 2004 in order to keep Latvia’s and Europe’s rare and protected species of forest and mire habitats, plant communities, threatened and protected plant and animal species; expressive, visually high-quality landscape and to provide the public with high-quality recreational resources.

In the park, an observation tower is located, which is 20 meters high and offers an excellent view of the local area. Nearby the observation tower there are two specially equipped chairs, for watching the stars. In the daytime, it is possible to see a beautiful panorama, while in the dark nature lovers can catch the falling stars. For cyclists, there is marked cycling route No. 776, which will lead through the most beautiful places of the nature park and allow you to enjoy the hilly terrain of the “Numernes embankment”. Pedestrians have a possibility to walk through the nature trail, which will lead through numerous picturesque places and will end near environmental object “Fire”.