Audioguides of Ludza

Ludza- the oldest town in Latvia

This place- rich with deep woods and clear lakes, was chosen by Baltic Latgalian tribes for living since the 1 century BC. A great Latgalian wood castle rose on the hill between the Small and the Great Ludza lakes. The bustling and rich town began to grow around it. The town was cold Ludza, after the king’s daughter Lucija.

The old market square

This place is very important part of the history of Ludza. Maybe, it is hard to believe that more than hundred years ago this square was the most bustling place in the town.

Ludza orthodox church

The church was built in 1845 in the heart of the old town. After 33 years it was renamed as cathedral. Ludza orthodox church is a state protected architectural monument and its author is architect A. Zaharov.

First artesian well in Ludza

In 1905 the first artesian well was built in Ludza and more than 50 years it provided local people with clean water. For such a small town in the beginning of the 20th century it was a real sensation and became a turning point in towns life.

Conflagration of 1938

The Wolf Frank photography’s are almost the only visual evidences of the greatest disaster in Ludza history. Conflagration of 11th of June 1938 took 371 buildings and 80% of town stores. Without the shelter was left almost half of the people living in Ludza.

Ludza Great Sinagogue

Synagogue was built during Rabbi V. Altschuler period, around 1800. From generation-to-generation Ludza Jewish community was famous for its Rabbis, that is why Ludza was often called “Latvian Jerusalem”. Ludza Great Synagogue is considered the oldest synagogue in Latvia and Baltic countries.

St. Mary statue and Karnicki’s chapel

A sculpture of Holy Maria is made by Leon Tomashicky in 1934. On the opposite side there is a chapel of Earls of Eversmuiza Polish landlords Karnicki. It was built in 1738, it is a wooden building with conical roof and a cross upon it.

Ludza catholic church

The first catholic church in Ludza was built together with the castle, it was part of it, but it burned during Livonian war. The continuing faith of the church has been hard, but in 1995 the restored majestic church opened its doors to believers.

Ludza castle ruins

In 1399 German crusaders in order to defend east border of Livonia Order built a powerful castle on the castle mound between the Large and Small lakes of Ludza. It was three storey building with 6 towers, 3 gates and 2 castle-fronts.

Ludza central park

The green heart of Ludza is its park. In the second part of 19th century this place was a garden, divided to three families. Many things have changed during the time, but one is lasting- this is the place for peaceful strolls and eye-catching details.

Central square of the city

Until 1910/ 1912 there was a large windmill at the square. But nowadays this place is designed for celebrations and local meeting point.