Audioguides of Eversmuiza

Ludza river and nontraditional healing place

The story will guide you by one of the largest and most peculiar rivers in Ludza Municipality – the Ludza River. In the documents of the past centuries, which are written in Russian, the river is called ‘Lža’. However, later it became known as ‘Ilža’ among the local residents. The wire rope bridge over the Ilža River leads to a somewhat mystical and unworldly place called the ‘Finger of God’ of Cibla, locally known as the ‘place of healing’. It is a natural formation, wisely used by our Baltic ancestors – seers, kriwes, priests, and wise men to create a place where the human soul could rest, whereas the body could be cleansed from negative energy and absorb the energy of nature. 

Eversmuiža deposit and mound Cibla Grave hill

In 1910, a deposit of more than 1100 coins was discovered in a tillage in Zeltiņi village, located on the right bank of the Ludza River between Eversmuiža and Cibla Cemetery Hill. This hidden treasure was discovered during a collective flax harvesting and so it was named the ‘Deposit of Eversmuiža’. On the other side of the Ludza River, you can see an impressive forest-covered hill. It is the Cibla Cemetery Hill – a castle mound on the right bank of the Ludza River, opposite Eversmuiža. It takes its name from the cemetery, which used to be located on the top of the hill.