Week-end house “Ezerzemes”

Located on the shore of Lake of Nirza.
in the week-end house – a separate wooden cabin by the beach. In the cabin there are 2 double bedrooms, a living room with a TV, a music centre, a fireplace, a kitchen set. A shower, WC, a sauna, 2 additional bedplaces are available in the living room of the cabin on the convert sofa.

in the family room – one room flat (for 4 people) with a kitchen, a shower and WC. It is in a separate building, the guests will use their own beach. Size: 31 m2.

Additional services:
– Chimneyless (black) sauna on the very lake shore;
– Boats and a water-bike with 4 places for rest on the water;
– Biking; we also can help you to choose a biking route;
– A volleyball playground, a basketball basket, table tennis, badminton, table games, dart, etc.;
– Swing and a sandbox, a trampoline.