Local factory “Organic Products”

The goal of this small local factory “Organic Products” is to offer people high-quality, biologically clean products that are grown in Latgale.

-visit with degustation – 4 eur /pers. (degustation includes – spices, tea, candies, pumpkin oil, etc.)
-visit without degustation – 1 eur /pers.
During the visit owners will tell the story of the company and the work process, show the available assortment and offer a degustation.
The visit is intended for individual travelers, families, small and large groups. Book your visit in advance by phone +371 25499330.

Organic/natural production – mean more valuable nutrients and vitamins, a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced ecosystem.
Fruit candies – a healthy alternative for sweets, natural vitamins for children, delicious and healthy snacks, can be used in cooking.
Tea – herbal tea for mental and body strength. Ideal for daily routine- hot tea in the morning right after waking up, stimulates during the day, and relaxes in the evening.
Spices– organic spices without artificial and chemical additives that enrich the taste. It’s an easy way to try and add a new taste and improve the quality of any meal you cook.