The trail between three lakes

The long walking route of Northern Latgale passes through the territory of the natural park “Numernes valnis”, along the lakes Svātūnes, Motrines, and Nūmierņas, as well as through historical places of the surrounding area. The main part of the route is forest roads and old horse roads.

Starting point  (GPS) – 56.843863, 27.488822
Length – 25 km
Marking – Partly leads along the Ezertaka
Type – Circular
Degree of difficulty (trail surface, obstacles) – Forest roads and trails that can be slippery in wet weather. Part of the trail leads along the old horse paths and it can be difficult to navigate in nature.


Information stand
Resting place
Observation tower
Environmental object
Waste bins
Children’s activity area
Tent place
Swimming place
Fire place


Windmill ruins of Ruskulova manor (GPS: 56.798653, 27.497406);
Memorial sites of partisan battles in the Grīva forest (GPS: 56.860665, 27.490439);
Retro moto collection “Rūsa vējā” (GPS: 56.905827, 27.360420);
Flowers and stones at farm “Ezerlīči” (GPS: 56.916745, 27.413764);
Horse farm “Kapulejas” (GPS: 56.900309, 27.349091)