The trail around the Small Ludza lake

The walking route leads around the Small Ludza lake. From the beginning to the end of your walk, you will enjoy the classic panorama of Ludza with its church towers and ruins of the castle of the Livonian Order. This route can be used throughout the year. Suitable for families with smaller children and bicycle trips.

Starting point  (GPS) – 56.547567, 27.725281
Length – 5.14 km
Marking – No
Type – Circular
Degree of difficulty (trail surface, obstacles) – City infrastructure road surfaces – pavement, asphalt, gravel road


Information stend
Resting place
Environmental object
Waste bins
Children’s activity area
Tent place
Swimming place
Fire place


Ludza Town Park (GPS: 56.543262, 27.723062);
Swimming pool (GPS: 56.539715, 27.716116);
“Atpūta Ludzā” – Rental of water equipment and entertainment on the water (GPS: 56.560275, 27.693213);
Pontoon footbridge (GPS: 56.548753, 27.716540);
Pizzeria “Astotais rajons” (GPS: 56.542435, 27.704820)