The trail around the Great Ludza lake

The route is almost 24 km long and leads around the Great Ludza lake, where you can get to know the history of the oldest city in Latvia- Ludza. One of the main objects to visit is the hillfort Ķīšu, which is a place with a magnificent view of the surrounding but also the place where Ludza’s history started. The recommended starting point is the Ludza tourism information center at Baznīcas 42, Ludza city.

Starting point  (GPS) – 56.547494, 27.725360
Length – 23 km
Marking – No
Type – Circular
Degree of difficulty (trail surface, obstacles) – forest roads and gravel roads, and asphalt roads.


Environmental object
Information stands
Resting place
Swimming place
Waste bins


Ruins of Ludza medieval castle (GPS: 56.548849, 27.728926);
Viewpoint to the Great Ludza lake and the hillfort Ķīšu (GPS: 56.543478, 27.759734);
The hillfort Ķīšu (GPS: 56.543478, 27.759734);
The house where lived one of the most known writers of Ludza county- Janīna Tabūne (GPS: 56.565298, 27.757058);
Ludza history museum (GPS: 56.550778, 27.726949)