The trail around the Garbari forest

The route leads through the Garbari Forest along Lake Paugulu. During World War II,  inhabitants of Ludza and its surroundings were shot in the Garbari forest. The route passes by a monument erected in memory of these people.

Starting point  (GPS) – 56.535375, 27.666413
Length – 6.9 km
Marking – No
Type – Circular
Degree of difficulty (trail surface, obstacles) – Gravel and forest roads, rural gravel road, 900 m along the A12 highway.


Resting place
Environmental object
Waste bins
Swimming place


Garden of Light (GPS: 56.534204, 27.694695);
Café “Mājas virtuve” (GPS: 56.536081, 27.697771);
Big tree “Beggar’s pine” (GPS: 56.556364, 27.662972);
Holiday house “Zilgme” (GPS: 56.552048, 27.645892);
Recreation place by the water “Ūdens pasaka” (GPS: 56.577186, 27.612078)