The nature trail of Filandmuiža Blue Stone

The nature trail leads you through a landscape of forest and hillocks. It leads to one of the most significant stones in the Ludza municipality – the Filandmuiža Blue Stone. Near the start of the path is an information board about the stone and the surrounding area.

Starting point  (GPS) – 56.365111, 27.810103
Length- 1.3 km in one direction
Marking – Yellow color marking on the trees
Type – Linear
Degree of difficulty (trail surface, obstacles) – Forest road, used forest path, not cleaned in winter. 


Information stend
Resting place


Pilda catholic church (GPS: 56.453780, 27.732204);
Raipole catholic church (GPS: 56.371813, 27.884779);
Public beach on the Lake Nirza (GPS: 56.408489, 27.925036);
Sightseeing tower on the Lielais Liepukalna hill (GPS: 56.270816, 27.654659)