Cycle route no. 794 “Vecslabada and surroundings”

The 24 km long marked cycle route leads through one of the most beautiful areas of Latvia, along five lakes and many natural pearls. The recommended starting point is the village of Vecslabada.

The route is intended for nature lovers and hunters of hidden gems. The road leads through one of the most beautiful rural landscapes in Latgale and the protected nature territory along several lakes. A magnificent view of the surroundings opens from Tiškova hill, and in the village of Vecslabada you can see the largest Orthodox church in Latgale. A big stone of Plisūna on the very shore of the lake is like a viewing platform in the spring. In autumn you can observe the migration of birds and the beautiful and green forests of Latgale.

The cycle route can be viewed here: Bicycle route no. 794

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