In the program:

8.00 – brass band LUDZA awakens the City
9.00-14.00  – a day of old crafts, (Baznīcas Str. 42)
10.00- Holy Mass for city and county residents on Ludza Churches
After the Holy Mass sacred music concert on the Ludza Chatolic Churche (Baznīcas Street 54, Ludza)
10.00-16.00  – Exhibition of private artwork and collectors of the county. (Ludza Culture House, Stacijas Street 41, Ludza)
10.00 – International competitions in weightlifting. (In the sports complex “Vārpa”, Sporta Street 21, Ludza)
10.00 – Open handball tournament for men and women
Beach volleyball tournament for men and women (On the beach of Little Ludza Lake, Peldu Street 21, Ludza)
12.00 – Gunita Zalite – Misane  Art Exhibition (Ludza Museum, Kuļņeva Street 2, Ludza)
16.00 – Latvian strongest city, popular competitions in weightlifting (Ludza municipality square, Raiņa Street 16, Ludza)
17.00 – Triathlon (On the beach of Little Ludza Lake, Peldu Street 21, Ludza)
18.00 – A concert by local amateur collectives (Ludza Town Park)
20.00 – Grand concert with the musical band BARITONI & MC Orķestri
21.30 – Festive fireworks

FOLLOW-UP TO THE CELEBRATION: Night Ball, performed by pop singer AINARS BUMBIERIS with DJ ROLAND McArsky

ALL DAY LONG in CITY PARK: Activities for children, families and all those interested.