Water routes of Atpūta Ludzā

 The three lake Ludza city boat route

There is a reason why some call Ludza a capital city of lakes because the town is surrounded by five of them. Local entrepreneurs from the company “Atpūta Ludzā” which is located on the shore of lake Zvirgzdenes offer a boat route around the city. You can get to know the city by walking tours, but getting to know it and seeing it from the water is something more interesting. The route leads through lake Zvirgzdene to a little river Plītnīca which enters The Small Ludza lake and then to The Great Ludza lake.

Starting point  (GPS) – 56.560297, 27.6932221

Length – 12 km

Marking – No

Type – Circular

Degree of difficulty- fairly easy


Phontone bridge on the Small Ludza lake (GPS: 56.548739, 27. 710835); Ludza Great synagogue (GPS: 56.548418, 27.724736); Ludza medieval castle ruins (GPS: 56.547956, 27.727990); Ludza catholic church (GPS: 56.547942, 27.729506); Hillfort Ķīšu (GPS: 56.540617, 27.769450);