Sightseeing and museums

Baznīcas Str 42, Ludza, Ludza municipality

Narrow streets, with wooden and brick one- and two storey houses with closed yards built in the 19th century is […]

Baznīcas Str, Ludza, Ludza municipality

In 1399 German crusaders built a powerful fortress on the hill between Small and Big Lakes of Ludza. The three-storey […]

Kuļņeva Str 2, LV-5701, Ludza

The museum is located in the General Kuļņev’s – the hero of the war with Napoleon – house. Its exposition […]

1. Maija Str 30, Ludza, Ludza municipality

Ludza Great Synagogue is an oldest wooden synagogue in the Baltic States. It was built in 1800 as a wooden […]

Talavijas Str.27a, Ludza

The Craftsmen Centre, which is located at the foot of Ludza Castle Hill, invites you to learn ancient crafts, to […]

“Gatves”, Martiši, Isnaudas parish

Theatrical performance “Lūcija’s Night Fairy-tales” on the castle hill The possibility to investigate the castle hill through legends with various […]

Church Hill, Baznīcas Str 52, Ludza, Ludza municipality

Ludza Roman Virgin Mary’s Assumption Catholic Church In order to strengthen Catholicism Polish built the first catholic church in the […]

Church Hill, Baznīcas Str 52, Ludza, Ludza municipality

Karnicki, who were Earls of Eversmuiža, Polish landlords, built a chapel in 1738. It is a wooden building having a […]

Baznīckalnā, Baznīcas iela 52, Ludza, Ludzas novads

The statue of St. Mary – Mary’s Land Queen – made by Leon Tomašickis in 1934. It is standing on […]

Latgales Str 121, Ludza, Ludza municipality

Having been built in the Russian classicism style in 1845, the church is a decoration of the town historical centre. […]

1. maija Str 9, Ludza, Ludza municipality

A large stone was installed in honour of Ludza’s 800th anniversary in 1977 (a square by the hotel “Lucia”).

It is a green area in the centre of the town, which was made in the second half of the […]