Offers for groups

An excursion on a wooden raft on Small Lake of Ludza, enjoying panorama of the town. The starting point from […]

Rafting on Small Lake of Ludza together with Tihovski family (a famous musical family living in Ludza) Latgalian folk songs, […]

Ludza town

During a 4 hour long walk you will learn about Ludza Old Town and will discover its ancient secrets. It […]

Kulneva Str 2, Ludza, Latvia

Ludza Museum is the oldest museum in Latgale region. Its offer for children: Forest mother’s story at the Nature exposition […]

Tālavijas Str 27a, Ludza, Latvia

Learn something new together with Ludza craftsmen: you will hear how crafts were born, what Latgalian girls and boys had […]