Tālavijas Str 27a, Ludza

The Craftsmen Centre, which is located at the foot of Ludza Castle Hill, invites you to learn ancient crafts, to […]

Tālavijas Str 27a, Ludza, Ludza municipality

The ceramist makes candle holders, pots, vases and souvenirs in a traditional style, but does not forget about modern and […]

Mazā Pikova, Brigu rural community, Ludza municipality

In the workshop in the cottage “Rudzupuķe” the craftswoman weaves blankets, rugs, tablecloths, pillows, makes baskets, trays and souvenirs, demonstrates […]

Dunakļu Str 9, Ludza, Ludza municipality

This master has worked with wood and wicker for all his life. He makes practical and useful things – from […]