Country goodies

1. maija Street 14, Ludza

WE OFFER YOU: put on styled ancient adult and children garments belonging to various historical periods (3 EUR / 1 […]

Tālavijas Str 28, Ludza

When you visit Ludza Craftsmen Centre, you will not only learn about ancient crafts, but you can also taste Latgalian […]

Tālavijas Str 27a, Ludza

Ludza Craftsmen organises Green fairs, which are usually timed with annual traditional holidays: Christmas, Martin’s Day, Easter, Big Latgalian Fair […]

Kr. Barona Street 20, Ludza

In Ludza, at Kr.Barona Street 20, Hotel “Lucia”, the ground floor, Room 4; phone +371 28002295. In Rēzekne, at Atbrīvošanas […]